Trans-Ference 2 – Scene 4: Eric John and Lena Moon

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Scene Title: Trans-Ference 2 – Scene 4

Description: Lena Moon is confronted with a situation where she must use a much more submersive technique of phychotheropic healing to deal with a compulsive foot fetishist. Realizing the patient, Eric John, must face his compulsions and bring his need for feet into the open she places her heel onto the desk to coax him in. ‘It’s alright’, she says, ‘this is a judgement free zone.’ Soon she has the perverted foot freak slobbering all over her high heel and onto her feet. His rigid cock is out and fucking her shoe. Than onto her feet. Pulling out her sweet little lady stick she allows the man to rub his big cock onto hers. Frotted and horny she takes his massive cock in her mouth and provides some intense oral therapy. Soon he is ploying his big cock into her tight little lady hole in between sucks on her stick. This man is truly making a breakthrough but it is obvious after he squirts his load onto her face that he has many sessions to go.

Actors: Eric John , Lena Moon